Damico machines

Damico Industries is a company that has perfected the art of manufacturing stone cutting machines. Based in Ostuni -Brindisi in Italy, the company was founded over 100 years as a family cottage industry and has since then evolved to be one of the most reputed companies in the industry worldwide.

There are many machine manufacturers out there and each have their strengths and weaknesses. Your choice of machine will be guided by various factors including:

Cost of the machine
Every one is looking out for a good deal in any purchase. There are manufacturers whose machines are perceived to be cheap and others expensive. Our only caution is that in this industry, cheap, in most cases ends up being more expensive. What you should be looking out for is the value you get for your money.

General reputation of the manufacturer
The reputation of different manufacturers is varied in different geo-locations, mostly owing to the nature of the rock. It is advisable that you lean towards the most reputable manufacturers in your geo-location.

After sales support services
All types of machines will have breakdowns, minor and major at some point. You want to lean more towards the manufacturer who has the capacity to support you on matters genuine spare parts as machine down time can be critical to your success or failure.

Accessories which come with the machine
Cutting blades, widia tips, rails etc are accessories which come with a given machine. Some manufacturers will reduce the quantities of these items as a price undercutting strategy. Lack of adequate accessories and tools will lead to operation logistic nightmares once the machine is finally in your hands.