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Both diesel and electric models highly recommended for the Kenyan terrain.

About this site

This platform is dedicated to businessmen who wish to venture into the Machine Cut Stones business as a start-up or even an existing business but struggling. Every business looks easy from the customer’s perspective but it could turn into a logistic nightmare when you are the one on the driver’s seat.Having state-of-the-art machinery and equipment does not guarantee success in the business. There are so many hidden critical points of success that a start-up business can only learn through experience. The lessons can however be very overwhelming and expensive at times. Tapping into the experience from a business entity that has been in the business for over eight years is not only a smart move but a critical factor of success to newbies.

The Machine Cut Stone business is one of the most lucrative businesses that I have come across. With the current shortage of 250,000 affordable housing units annually in Kenya, the demand keeps overwhelming supply year after year. In our 8 years experience in the industry, we have never spent a dime for marketing purposes. To the contrary, trucks take up to 3 days before getting loaded in any given quarry due to the high demand of building blocks in the coast region. The same scenario is replicated in Ndarugu, Athi River, Kisumu, Nakuru, Meru, Kericho etc.

The challenges of all quarries are related to the ability to sustain a given production capacity due to occasional machine breakdowns, lack of a good yielding rock or a combination of these two factors. This business can be a double sided sword if you miss out some fundamental initial steps including choice of the right machine for a given nature of rock, compliance issues, ground preparation and production techniques, machine maintenance etc. You do not have to go through the mistakes many investors go through if there is a way around it in the name of practical consultancy. I highly suggest that you factor consultancy services into your budget before embarking on Machine Cut Stones business. We offer consultancy services on different levels. Pick the one which suits you best.